Show Report: Newport Ship Open Day – 26th April

The Newport Ship timbers during excavation
The Newport Ship timbers during excavation

The Newport Ship is the most complete archaeological example of a ship from the fifteenth century. Discovered in 2002 during development of the Riverfront Theatre in Newport, Wales, the ship’s timbers are currently undergoing conservation on the Maesglas Industrial Estate, Newport. After the conservation efforts are completed, it is hoped that the Newport Ship will be housed in its own purpose-built museum. The conservation work is not generally open to visitors, though several open days are held throughout the year to give the public a chance to view the fascinating work which is preserving this exciting find.

At this event, the Cardiff Castle Garrison displayed several crafts of the period, along with running a have-a-go archery for the public. Various members of our group at this event are pictured below, along with other images from previous Newport Ship open day events. We really enjoyed ourselves at this event, and will be back at the Newport Ship on Saturday 24th May 2014.

For more information about the Newport Ship, please see

Images of the Newport Ship during excavation and its artists’ impression are used with the permission of the Newport Museums and Heritage Service.

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