Trader Information for Members’ Kit

In order for our members to take part in shows they need to have period accurate clothing and footwear. We have therefore compiled a list of trusted traders who will be able to supply you with all the essentials you will need to be able to participate.

New members need a minimum of authentic undergarments and shoes to participate in Garrison shows. For more information on this, please see our kit page, and contact our living history officer, Sally Byrne, who will be able to tell you what types of fabric you need to order, and how much you will need. Find her by emailing

Cloth Merchants

Bernie the Bolt

Bernie is an excellent fabric trader who has a wide range of cloth in stock, his cloth is reasonably priced and has relatively high authenticity standards. Unfortunatly Bernie dosen’t have a website which you can order fabric directly from, although he is happy to send out samples. He is also available at a number of shows through out the year. His prices range from £6-8 per meter of linen and £7-£15 per meter for wool, he often has a bargin pile which is aproximatly £2 per meter although these are only sometimes suitable for our period.

Herts Fabric

Herts fabric is a well-respected supplier of cloth to historical houses, museums and film productions. They have a wide variety of period authentic linen (£7-10 per meter), wool (£7-10 per meter) and silk (£10 per meter). They also have a small selection of notions like woven braids and silk or linen thread. Their UK postage costs are £10 for up to 25kg of fabric.

Please note: If you are intending to order from Herts Fabric but are put off by the postage costs, it is often worth asking around in the group as someone else may well wish to order fabric with you, thus bringing down the postage costs.


There are several types of shoes and boots which can be considered authentic for the late fourteenth century, and in this guide we will focus on the 2 main types usually purchased by group members. The first is a buckled or tied style similar to modern mary janes or ballet flats, and the 2nd are ankle boots which are laced with leather cord. All of the following traders have been used by the group previously and you can either view their products online or find them at various shows and event through out the year.

Fox Blade Trading

These are the most reasonably priced option and come in standard sizes between 4-13 (although children’s sizes can be ordered). Please note that this is the first year that the Garrison have ordered from them but the shoes seem well constructed and have proven to be water resistant. We would reccommend buying one of the following styles:

Kevin Garlick

Kevin Garlick’s shoes are generally highly thought of within our group, with the majority of us having purchased a pair of shoes from him at some point. Though they are more expensive than other re-enactment shoe traders, they are of a very high quality and many of our members have had pairs last for many years. They have the added advantage of being made to measure your feet. This allows for greater customisation of the shoes and they can be made to suit various orthopaedic needs. Due to this process, however, shoes ordered from Kevin Garlick can take several months to arrive, though from time to time Kevin also has some shoes in standard sizes. The shoes range from approximately £90 – £120. The following are our recommended styles:

Andy Burke

Several of our members have previously bought shoes from this trader, for those of us living in South Wales he is quite handy being up the road from us in Bridgend. We recommend the following types as being most period accurate:

Please Note: All items of kit need to be passed as authentic by our living history officer, Sally Byrne, before they may be used at Garrison shows. We therefore strongly recommend that members contact her to check the authenticity of any clothing, shoes, or fabric before they buy it, to avoid disappointment. If there are any problems, we will be happy to assist you in finding alternative items.

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