Show report: Joust! at Cardiff Castle – 17-19th June

We had a terrific time again at one of our favourites events – Joust! at Cardiff Castle.

The Garrison provided a full living history camp, with displays of fourteenth-century crafts, cookery and weapons and armour.

Check out our gallery for some lovely shots of our weekend (thanks so much Andrew Forster!).

3 thoughts on “Show report: Joust! at Cardiff Castle – 17-19th June”

  1. the embroidery frame needs tighter tension for the laid and couched work (Bayeux)piece, I would also suggest doubling the frequency of the couching bars – spaced as they are the piece will be liable to snagging and buckling when removed from the frame

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    1. Hi Tanya!

      The Bayeux piece is actually one of mine (from ages ago – before I met you). The reason it looks so loose on the frame is that it’s actually just placed on top of a frame that is holding something else (that was barely started so less impressive for a display). As for the couching – tbh, the whole thing is a bit big, rough-and-ready and not quite right, both in density of stitches and in size of the overall piece compared to the original. However, not too bad for a first attempt, done using an embroidery hoop, minimal online reading and no actual in-person teaching. 🙂

      Thanks for the pointers, though. I realise now I’m not really that into embroidery (oops) but if I pick any up again I’ll be sure to check out your tutorials and blog (and, erm, not just to drool at your beautiful projects!).



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