Show report: Caldicot Castle Medieval Weekend – 17th & 18th September

We enjoyed attending the medieval festival at Caldicot Castle on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September.

This event was a multi society event with members of the Early Medieval Alliance, The Vikings, Historia Normannis, falconry displays, fashion shows and the historic jousting group Destrier in attendance.

There were re-enactment encampments from various eras in and around the castle and a small variety of traders that came from as far as York and Ireland supplying everything from leather goods to armour, bows, padding and very large mallets.

Garrison did not camp at this show, but several members attended each day in their authentic kit.

A number of our group also took part in the battle, with dozens of knights on each side and a large detachment of archers and hand gunners shooting at fairly close range.

Though it was a bit warm with all the padding and armour we filled in the gaps in the battle and fought well, even defeating a few well-armoured knights.

On one day we took part on the Welsh side and on the next as the English.

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