Adopted Russian

Last year I was introduced to Jana Romanova, an artist who wanted to participate in the activities of Welsh communities as part of a piece exploring the nature of belonging and of Welshness. She wanted to join the Garrison for an event or two to immerse herself in our community and explore historic Welshness.

Jana was able to be with us for a picnic in Cardiff Castle where we enjoyed some medieval snacks and the sunshine, then later we were lucky to have her with us at Chepstow Castle for a weekend event featuring a full medieval living history camp.

The exhibition launched on Friday evening; when I attended I was able to meet Jana again and see the results of this project. It was fascinating to see the other groups involved, including churches, dog walkers and families. The images are haunting, showing moments of belonging and of loneliness.  The exhibition also featured silent videos of people describing what it means to be Welsh, combined to show an almost hypnotising rhythm as many used the same gestures to express their identity.

My description is brief and cannot be as eloquent as the artist. You can see it all at the free exhibition on Saint Mary Street in Cardiff until 19th of November.

You can see more of the artist’s work on her website:

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