Tutorial: Women’s footed hose

I’ve been re-enacting since 2002, and have made cotes, shifts, veils, hoods and surcotes. I have had a go at making almost every piece of standard feminine soft kit except hose!  I had always been a little intimidated by footed hose. Every time I had looked into making some I saw tutorials which required so many measurements – 26 in one version – or required a complex pattern which I wasn’t happy scaling up to my big feet.

Thankfully Miriam Griffiths has a method that needs a few measurements and some careful fitting.  This method is based on finds from excavations in London dated to the 14th century. I think this is one of my favourite ever projects; they sew up quickly and look fantastic.  We took lots of pictures of how we made them and I have put them together in the following videos:

I believe I made a mistake and the front under foot seam should be lapped not plain but I am really pleased with the finished articles.

They are made from a lightly fulled wool twill and hand sewn with linen thread.

This project was an entry in the Historical Sew Monthly 2017.



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