Whether you’re looking for a demonstration for your re-enactment event or for something to make your wedding or event that little bit more memorable, the Garrison can provide a demonstration to suit your needs. We provide highly skilled combatants and archers plus full public liability insurance.


Combat tournament
Our highly skilled men-at-arms and knights showcase their skill with sword, shield, axe and spear in a breath-taking display of martial prowess. Pulling no punches, they battle it out in exhilarating combat. No two displays are ever the same but all offer a realistic, sometimes gritty, sometimes light-hearted portrayal of 14th Century combat.

Mercy or the sword? The audience’s choice.

Archery demonstration
Our expert archers demonstrate the might of the longbow, loosing a rain of arrows at their target. However, will they be bested by the mercenary’s crossbow? Come to the range to see first-hand why the Welsh longbow was one of the most influential and deadly weapons of the late medieval battlefield.


The longbow in action.

Please note: all combat and archery demonstrations are dependent on the space and facilities provided, the availability of our combatants and archers and the weather. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about this and we will endeavor to be as accommodating as possible.