To contact the committee, please email with the relevant committee member’s name in the subject line of your email, use the email below if you wish to contact our chairman/social media officer specifically, or catch committee members on Facebook or at socials.




Leader of the group and a general contact for members and prospective employers.

The Chair is the ultimate point of advice for all members, especially if they are having problems or issues.

To contact, e-mail




The Secretary arranges membership, helps the Chair with employers, arranges group meetings, takes minutes, and publishes them for the group.




Keeper of the accounts. The Treasurer can also arrange membership if you can’t contact the Secretary.


Training and Displays Officer 


Organises archery and combat training sessions for the group. First point of call for information about these activities.


Living History Officer


First point of call for all living history, craft and kit issues, plus for information about craft and kit-making sessions. Also our expert researcher, who makes sure everyone’s kit is authentic.


Health & Safety Officer


Keeps us informed about all law changes, and what things we’re not allowed to do. If you’re unsure about the safety of anything, this is the person to ask.


Membership Officer


Keeper of group members’ details and first point of call for any member issues.


Social Media Officer


Responsible for maintaining the social media aspects of the group, including this blog. Contact for any suggestions relating to the blog (


All committee members are elected in the Garrison’s AGM, which takes place in March/April each year.

3 thoughts on “Committee

  1. For Miriam,

    My daughter is doing a wax museum for her World History class. Her character was a teacher of a nobility girl in 14th Century England. What would she have worn?

    Thank you for your help!


    • Hi Sara,

      The best thing for your daughter to do would be to have a look at original medieval pictures and carvings of the clothing of well-off women at that time. Pick a decade or two as high fashion actually changed quite a bit over the 14th Century. The best places to look are: (searchable by date and geographic location)
      – (my blog which shares links to manuscript images)

      Tell your daughter best of luck for her project.


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