FAQ for Prospective Members

Why should I do re-enactment? What do you like about it?
We made a little film, where some of our members answer these questions. 🙂


I’ve never done re-enactment before. Can I still join?
Don’t worry – the Garrison can teach you about every aspect of reenactment. We have trained members who can teach you to fight, shoot, spin, sew… etc. No prior experience is necessary for anything we do.

How old do I have to be?
We have members as young as seven as well as a couple over 50. Anyone is welcome, irrespective of age. Please note that under-18s require parental consent to join. Under-16s must have a guardian present at all times and this guardian must also be a member.

How much does it cost?
Full membership is £12, or £9 for concessions, £7 for children. Family membership is £30 for up to two adults and two children. Alternatively, you can try event membership – for £5 you can attend one event with us (either a training session or a show).

Our combat and archery training sessions are run at a small extra cost. Everybody is welcome at our social events – you don’t have to be a member to attend.

How much are training sessions?
Training sessions cost £5 per session (this covers hall hire, teaching and the use of basic equipment). However, your first session is completely free – you don’t even have to pay membership fees. All basic equipment is provided for combat and archery training sessions.

What kit do I need to take part?
No equipment is needed for the majority of our combat and archery training sessions. However, in order to take part in any of our living history events and some of our training sessions you will need authentic clothing that is ok’d by our Living History Officer. The Garrison has a limited amount of authentic clothing which can be lent on a show-by-show basis whilst we help you source your own personal clothing.

When sourcing your own clothing, you may buy pre-made clothes from re-enactors’ suppliers, although this can be expensive. Many members instead choose to sew their own clothes. We provide sessions to help you make authentic medieval clothes at no extra cost and no prior sewing experience is necessary for this.

Where do I stay?
We usually stay in a living history encampment at shows. The group has a large amount of camping equipment, including authentic tents where many of our members sleep. At most camping weekends, cold snacks and a hot lunch or hot early supper are provided free of charge.

You will need to provide your own breakfast and supper at camping events, as well as your own bedding (though whether this is an authentic bed or a modern sleeping bag and roll mat is up to you!).

What do you do at events?
We usually set up a living history camp at shows, which consists of medieval tents, an awning set up as a kitchen and several display areas. Around this camp we demonstrate a variety of things, typically a minimum of textile crafts, archery and combat. Any members in costume are welcome around the camp and may take part in any of these displays. If you are interested in learning more about anything we display (or are interested in doing something new), just talk to a member running a display and/or a committee member.

How will I know what events are happening?
We update the events section of the website regularly but more specific information about what we will be doing at events is discussed on our Facebook group. We also send out an email to all paid members roughly one week before each show to inform you of set-up times, opening times, sleeping arrangements and the like (we call these Warning Orders). These will also usually contain a unique event code which you will need to take with you to the show in order to be allowed in as a re-enactor.

OK, I’m in! How do I get involved?
Contact us at cardiffcastlegarrison@outlook.com, letting us know that you’re interested in joining, and we’ll give you some contact details so you can meet us.

Check us out on Facebook – Cardiff Castle Garrison. It’s a closed group, but it’s easy to get accepted. Committee members usually add people within 24 hours, although it might take a little longer if we’re at an event.

Come along to one of our events (as a member of public). This is the best way to introduce yourself to us as you’ll get to see exactly what we get up to and whether you’d be interested in getting involved.

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