Living History

Living history is the use of displays, costuming and interaction with members of the public, to teach people about historical ways of life. This can take on several forms including 1st person re-enactment, where you play a historical specific character or role, and 3rd person re-enactment, where you demonstrate aspects of everyday life but are able to explain information using modern research.

Cardiff Castle Garrison are a 3rd-person re-enactment group who regularly take part in events across South Wales and further afield, where we pitch medieval tents, cook on open fires and demonstrate aspects of fourteenth century life to members of the public. We are involved in a wide range of living history activities including, cookery, crafts, and costuming.

As a member of the Garrison you can learn all sorts of new skills, with help from existing members along the way. We can teach you various fourteenth-century crafts, including costuming, spinning, weaving, leatherworking, fingerloop braiding, embroidery and mail-making. We can teach you to make you own kit and help you shop for authentic items you can’t make yourself; we also have regular crafting sessions from October to April (i.e. after the re-enactment summer season is over). If you are interested in learning more about living history with the Garrison have a look through our pages and FAQs for a quick overview or you can head over to the Blog for an in-depth look at what we do.

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