FAQ for Prospective Employers

A Cardiff Castle Garrison living history encampment

A Cardiff Castle Garrison living history encampment

Who are we?

We are a small re-enactment society based in South Wales who recreate day to day life at the height of the Hundred Years War, focusing on the decades of 1350-1370.

Who are our members?

We have ties with the universities in Cardiff but are unique in that we have a wide variety of members including many with professional qualifications in archaeology, history, teaching, and martial arts and archery. Most of our members are in our twenties but we have many older members and some families with young children.

Size of Demonstrations

The Garrison can provide demonstrations ranging in size from a small tabletop display given by costumed re-enactors, to a full camp with features potentially including period cooking, crafts, blacksmithing, weapons, armour, and combat and archery displays.

A view of a full Garrison living history camp at Cardiff Castle

A view of a full Garrison living history camp at Cardiff Castle (centre line of tents)

Demonstrations and Talks

We also offer more structured talks on certain aspects of fourteenth-century life such as costume, combat, archery, crafts, and day-to-day life, where we will showcase various items of kit and attendees can ask questions.

Interactive Demonstrations

We can provide certain more interactive demonstrations which members of the public can take a more active part in. These are have-a-go archery, where our members trained in archery can teach archery to members of the public, and our medieval stocks display, where members of the public can throw wet sponges at a group member in a replica set of stocks.


Insurance Details

Cardiff Castle Garrison have an appropriate level of public liability insurance in place for all the demonstrations that we offer, details of this are available on request.

Please note: We can only do certain demonstrations if we are provided with enough space, and the availability of demonstrations depends on the intricacies of the individual booking. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about this and we will endeavour to be as accommodating as possible.

Pricing and Contact Us

To enquire about demonstrations and pricing, please send us a form or e-mail us at cardiffcastlegarrison@outlook.com.

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