FAQ for Prospective Employers

Who are we?
We are a small independent re-enactment group who pride ourselves in offering an accurate, immersive experience of everyday life at the height of the Hundred Years War. We specialise in living history and provide a number of high-quality displays including weapons and armour, archery, cookery and textile crafts. Whatever your event, the Garrison will bring the 14th Century to life!

Who are our members?
Our members draw from a wide range of backgrounds and specialisms, ensuring that there will always be someone on hand to answer a question, no matter the topic. Uniquely, we have a number of members with graduate and post-graduate qualifications in archaeology, providing a solid research basis to our group.

What can we provide?
No matter the size of your event, the Garrison can provide a set-up to suit your needs. Our dedicated members provide an engaging, educational and thoroughly enjoyable event. Options include:

  • Small tabletop display(s) with costumed re-enactors – for museums and open days.
  • One- or two-hour talks – for schools, clubs, WI groups, educational groups, etc.
  • A living history encampment with several displays, with or without structured talks and demonstrations – for history festivals, agricultural shows and medieval and multi-period re-enactment events.
  • Skilled costumed members with arms and armour or textile crafts – suitable for photography, TV and film.
  • Armoured knights, and combat and/or archery displays – for weddings and events.

For more details, see our talks and displays, demonstrations, photography TV and film and weddings and events pages.

Insurance Details
Cardiff Castle Garrison have an appropriate level of public liability insurance for all of the set-ups that we offer. Details are available on request.

Pricing and Contact Us
To enquire about demonstrations and pricing, please send us a form or e-mail us at cardiffcastlegarrison@outlook.com.

Please note: The availability of certain displays and demonstrations is dependent upon the space and facilities provided. Additionally, some demonstrations and talks will depend on the availability of certain members to attend. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about this and we will endeavor to be as accommodating as possible.

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