Recipe: A vegetarian-friendly medieval dish

Vegetarian friendly Medieval dish – Cheesy lentils

Jayne Lutwyche sometimes produces authentic medieval meals at our events, cooked over our fire. This recipe, and the stewed lambs’ hearts one which will follow it, were served at Joust! in June 2016.

As Medieval cooks it’s often difficult to find interesting, veggie friendly meals which aren’t pottage-based. Last season we were experimenting with a great dish, which was simple, quick to cook, and delicious.

All you need are:

The amount you need varies, depending on how many are in your camp. But a rough two-to-one ratio lentils:cheese works.

  1. To prepare your dish soak your lentils/chickpeas the night before (alternatively buy canned versions, and ensure you store them in something authentic whilst in camp)
  2. Slice your cheese – as fine as you can as this helps it melt. Chunks also work.
  3. Get a mortar and pestle and grind a few pinches of black pepper. Other spices can be used – I’ve seen cinnamon recommended to give it a bit of an authentic kick.
  4. Add your cheese and lentils to a pot. To be very authentic consider using ceramic and placing it in the ashes of your camp fire. If you can’t do this a metal cauldron or pot will do.
  5. Stir occasionally, mixing in your pepper and spices.
  6. Cooking time is approximately 20 minutes.

Voila! Delicious – non-pottage – veggie dish or side.